What Is a Dental Implant Procedure like?


If you suffer from severe tooth decay or have missing teeth, a dental implant may be the right choice for you. There are a few things to consider, and you should always consult a dentist, but this is a great tooth replacement option. Here are some things to know about dental implants before you get them.

There are different types of dental implants. If you get an endosteal implant, tiny screws will be implanted in your jawbone.

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They replace the root of the original tooth. A subperiosteal implant is an option for when there is not enough healthy jawbone for an endosteal implant. This implant will be attached to the gum and sit on top of the existing bone.

You’ll start the dental implant process by consulting with your dentist. You can ask all your questions here and make a decision about the type of implant. Then, you’ll go forward with x-rays and scans to determine the size and shape of the implant. After that, the procedure will take place with your dentist.

Use the information here and in this video when you make a decision about getting a dental implant. You want to be informed when you make the choice to improve your smile!


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