A Guide to Your Childs First Trip to the Dentist


Even for adults, a trip to the dentist brings immense fear and anxiety to them. Even though a dentist is there to help your teeth stay healthy which in turn will keep you healthy, people are afraid. This is for a variety of reasons, but the pain is definitely one of them.

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For a child, their first trip to the dentist may be confusing because they won’t know what might happen. And once the dentist puts something into their teeth they may freak out.

This video is a children’s guide to the dentist. It will help kids understand what a dentist does and why they are important to keep them healthy. This video is narrated by a little girl so if your kid wants to understand more about what a trip to the dentist will be like, they should watch this.

Remember that a child has never been to a dentist, so you need to be patient with them and be there to help them feel safe and secure. Or the whole trip could be a nightmare.

Continue watching this video to help your child prepare for their first dentist appointment.


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