The Process of a Root Canal


If you are interested in learning more about root canal treatment, you should follow some advice from professionals or people in the field. Your dentist may have recommended that you get a root canal, and you might want to learn more information about the process of saving your tooth. It is normal to feel nervous or anxious when you find out about need a root canal, but improving technology and medical equipment have made the process less painful over the years.

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Your dentist may seek advice from other professionals to determine if a root canal is the best decision for your treatment. Your tooth that needs a root canal, started out as a cavity that went untreated, and the infection grew in the root of the tooth, called the pulp area. Once the infection is drilled out, a filling is placed over the remaining tooth and then a crown is highly recommended to create security for your tooth. If you have pain in an area and your dentist is wondering if a root canal is right for you, they may complete a cold test by seeing how a chip of cold ice makes your tooth respond.

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