How to Repair Dentures


Ever wondered how dentures are repaired and what happens at a denture repair service? Dental technicians are the ones who are in charge of this procedure.

First they use 50 & 50 mix before grinding down the dentures. Grinding involves cutting back the remaining portion of the old denture to create a smooth workable surface.

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They then make and add metal mesh, mixing the acrylic and letting it sit for a few minutes before applying.

Once the acrylic is applied to the denture evenly and all of the gaps are filled, the broken denture segments are put back together.

They then add the mesh to the denture and cover it with the acrylic, adding a little extra acrylic to the places that need it. During this, they also touch up the acrylic to make it as clean and smooth as possible.

The last step to the process is to heat cure the dentures. The dental technician heats the denture for 15 minutes in a pressure pot before the final clean-up.

They then grind the denture surface area to create a smooth, seamless surface area. The color will stay the same as what it was before, but with the final clean up, the surface will be smoother, look better, and feel better in the patient’s mouth.


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