What You Need to Become an Orthodontist


This video is to inform viewers about what an orthodontist is and what you need to do to become one. Research shows that around 50-75% of people could actually benefit from orthodontic treatment. Just like how a regular dentist treats the overall health of our teeth, orthodontists focus on the alignment of our jaws and teeth. Why is this important? We might want to fix our jaw alignment or straighten our teeth with braces to make sure that we have great oral health as well as a great smile to boost our confidence.

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Orthodontists handle things like braces and even Invisalign to help us with our oral health. If you are looking to get braces, you might want to sit with an orthodontist to talk about braces for adults and how much braces cost.

If you are thinking about becoming an orthodontist, you might want to do your research to figure out if it is right for you. You will need 4 years of basic undergraduate studies before you go off to dental school. Dental school is usually an additional year before you get to experience different sectors of dentistry, like orthodontics. Watch the video above to learn more!


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