What to Expect From Cosmetic Dentistry or Mobile Dental Services


Most Americans care a great deal about their dental health, since a mouth of healthy and attractive teeth makes for a good smile, and healthy teeth may not suffer as many infections as poorly-tended ones. After all, dentistry ranks in the top 10 most trusted and ethical professions in the United States today, and most American adults take themselves to the dentist once or twice per year for checkups and cleaning, cosmetic dentistry, or even having dental implants put in. Parents may find pediatric dentist offices or family dentist practices to take their children to, and dental services are widely varied for any of these patients. Finding a good cosmetic dentist may be as easy as searching “cosmetic dentist near me” online and finding some local results. But what about mobile dental services? What can they do?

Finding Cosmetic Dentists

There are many different reasons why a patient might visit the dentist, and not all of them are as dire as having infected teeth pulled out. Many Americans seek cosmetic dentistry work, which is dentistry that concerns itself with the appearance and material of teeth (rather than fighting infections). If someone doesn’t know any cosmetic dentists near them, such as if they just moved to a new city or county, they may conduct an online search, such as “good cosmetic dentists near me Miami FL” or “top rated cosmetic dentist offices Boston MA” or something like that. This may show a whole list of results, and the client may make a list of top candidates and visit them in person. At an office, a client may consult the staff and review their credentials, and get an overall impression of that office.

Once a client finds a suitable dentist to visit regularly, they may get some cosmetic dentistry done. Often, this means replacing missing tooth material. Crowns can be fitted on, which are replica enamel that fits over a cracked or worn out tooth. This restores the tooth’s shape (and thus its function) and also protects the damaged tooth from further wear and tear. Multiple teeth, such as molars, might have crowns fitted on.

Dental bridges might be used, too, and they can replace an entire missing tooth. A mold is made to create a realistic replica tooth, then that replica is fitted into a tooth gap and secured in place with covers that slip over the real teeth flanking the gap. This can restore a patient’s smile and make eating and speech easier. Meanwhile, dentures may be fitted into an elderly patient’s mouth to replace all teeth at once.

What about color? Most beauty standards call for white and polished teeth, but teeth discolored with tobacco use or tartar may be unsightly. So, patients at a cosmetic dentist’s office may have tooth whitening gels used on their teeth, or they may even have porcelain veneers fitted over their teeth for a shiny white exterior. Braces and clear plastic retainers, for their part, can deal with misaligned or crooked teeth. These clear plastic retainers are discreet for the patient’s benefit.

Mobile Dental Services

A dentist’s office is a complex place, home to multiple staff and many pieces of equipment. Can it really go mobile? These mobile dental services are fairly bare bones, but they are greatly convenient for patients who need them. These mobile dental services are basic dental offices fitted into an RV or a van, for the convenience for patients who don’t have transportation to a regular dentist’s office. That, or these mobile dental services can help patients who don’t even have the time in their schedule to visit a dentist’s office normally.

Clients for these mobile dental services may be college students or working professionals with a very busy schedule, or simply someone who does not have a car or a local bus route. An appointment may be made over the phone with these mobile dental services, and arrange a place and time for the dental service. These mobile dental services can park nearly anywhere and tend to any number of proper patients there. A quick online search may also show some local mobile dental services, and show how far they can travel, and when, for an interested client.

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