Dentistry Then and Now Looking Into The Past and How the Practice Has Improved Over Time


Modern-day dentistry takes into account the proper and sanitary necessities needed to clean your teeth and ensure a flawless smile.

It’s also safe to say dentistry is a respected and well thought out practice.

However, things weren’t always so regulated. Teeth cleaning wasn’t a familiar concept in the world of dentistry in the 1800s. So in order to see just how far science has come, here is an overview and comparison of the practice—from its early days to now.

So if you’ve ever been curious just how far dentistry has come, continue reading.

What dentistry was like over one hundred years ago

We sure didn’t have all the incredible and intricate tools we have now. Dentistry was less developed, and definitely more of a pain in the 1800s. Barbers would double up as back-alley dentists and would pull teeth using pliers and no anesthetic.

It was a painful process to say the least.

Teeth cleaning appointments were unheard of. No one had Invisalign as an option to straighten out their smile.

And oral surgery was far from advanced in those early days.

The priority was not to have an aesthetically pleasing smile or to catch those tiny cavities before they became a much bigger issue. Teeth were only a concern when a rotten tooth was causing an individual too much pain that it was intolerable.

Eventually and thankfully, there was a shift in the technical side of the practice. Technology advanced, and actual qualified professionals started to pop up throughout major cities and small towns.

What dentistry looks like today

Dentistry plays a much bigger role today. Our smiles say a lot about us and having a clean and healthy one can turn a good first impression into a phenomenal one.

According to a study done by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, 74% of working professionals claimed that having an unattractive smile has the potential to hinder their professional careers.

Then and Now: The biggest differences?

Modern dentistry focuses on not just keeping your smile clean, but also straight, white, and bright.

Though coming in for teeth cleaning and checkup is crucial, the possibilities don’t stop there. Advanced dentistry recruits some of the most qualified and knowledgable professionals. The average student will spend four years studying the profession.

Now, we also have advanced anesthetics, so pulling teeth won’t actually feel like pulling teeth.

It’s not just about teeth cleaning: Taking Your Smile To The Next Level

Now, we have the luxury of not only keeping our teeth clean—but we can also fix certain things about our smiles we don’t like.

Whitening treatments can help reduce or completely diminish the number of stains on your teeth.

Dental implants, on the other hand, can help reshape the entire smile, and provide dramatic results for individuals who have lost teeth in accidents.

Our smiles say a lot about us, so it’s always wise to put your best foot forward. Or in this case, your best smile.


Dentistry has dated back to the 1800s. However, it has been vastly improved throughout the years.

Nowadays, our dentists spend a good amount of their time, developing their knowledge of the craft.

In today’s modern times, we don’t just focus on one aspect of oral health. We now have the luxury of improving our smiles through the use of braces, teeth whitening treatments, and other forms of cosmetic dentistry. Dentistry encapsulates all of this. It’s a profession capable of boosting your self-esteem while also improving your overall health.

The practice had evolved throughout the years and changed for the better.

What was once a crude and rudimentary practice, is now well researched and highly sanitary form of healthcare.

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