When You Find the Right Dentist


Today in the United States, dentistry ranks in the top 10 most trusted and ethical professions of all. Many millions of Americans visit the dentist’s office once or twice per year for checkups, cleaning, dental implants, and more, and parents may take their children to pediatric clinics or to family dental clinics or the like. Most Americans care deeply about the health of their teeth, and a mouth of healthy teeth means a great smile and few dental problems. So, when a family moves to a new city or county, they may look up any number of healthcare services they may need, which will probably include a family dental clinic or family dentist. Meanwhile, interested clients may look up not only family dental clinics, bu also a dental care center for the elderly or a cosmetic dentist, too.

Finding a Family Dental Clinic

If the family does not already know any local dental offices to visit, they can look up local family dental clinics and offices online to get some results. They can make the search specific if they are in a large city, such as entering “top rated family dental clinics in Boston MA” or “best pediatric clinics in San Diego CA” and find some results. The client may want to enter their ZIP code, too, to keep the results as local as possible. Doing all this may result in a long list of results, though some can be struck out if they are not accepting new patients or if they are deemed too far away. The family may then visit the rest of them in person.

When finding a new healthcare provider such as family dental clinics, it is important to visit in person and get a fair impression of the premises. That, and adults in the family may consult the dentists and dental assistants to review their credentials (educational background, work history, awards and recognition, etc). Children in the family may be brought so the youngsters may see if they feel comfortable in the office and around the staff, as the parents will want their child to be calm and cooperative during a visit to the dentist. Any number of dental offices may be visited this way until the family finds one that suits their needs, and sign up.

Typical Dental Work

What can patients expect from a dentist’s office? A family dentist in particular, as the name suggests, can take on an entire family of patients at a time, as these flexible dentists can treat patients of any age. Children at a family dentist’s office or a pediatric office may have sealant applied to their teeth to strengthen them, and children may be taught all about proper tooth brushing methods. Children may also be advised to wear mouth guards while playing sports, and they may be told to never chew on hard items such as ice cubes. At home, children might even floss or use mouthwash under adult supervision.

What about older patients? Many patients visit the dentist to get implants put in, such as crowns. Crowns are replica enamel crowns that fit over a worn down or cracked tooth, which restores that tooth’s shape and its function, too. This makes eating easier and also protects the tooth from further wear and tear. Meanwhile, a dentist might replace an entire missing tooth with a dental bridge, which is a realistic replica tooth that is made from a mold using the patient’s real teeth as a reference. This bridge fits into the tooth gap and is secured in place with covers that fit over the real teeth flanking that gap. Elderly patients, meanwhile, may get dentures, which can replace entire rows of teeth (and their gums) at once, or even the entire mouth’s worth at once.

Some patients want tooth whitening done, and this is common at cosmetic dental offices. Most Americans want white and polished teeth, but tooth enamel may get discolored due to tartar buildup or tobacco use over time. Tooth whitening gels can take care of this, or the patient may have porcelain veneers fitted over their enamel to create the desired surface color. After all, most beauty standards call for white, straight teeth, and this may boost a person’s social prowess with their smiles.

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