Looking to Start a Dental Franchise? Heres Everything to Know Before Building Your First Location


Starting your own dental franchise is a way for you to break free from a traditional position that may leave you feeling restless and trapped. If you’re already a medical dentist, and you’ve had a dream of launching a franchise of your own for years, or if you’re in business and interested in a dental franchise, there are a few aspects of the venture you’ll want to remember and keep in mind throughout the process. The more familiar you become with the idea of owning a dental business or franchise of your own, the easier it will be for you to make decisions that are most likely to benefit your new venture.

Finding the Perfect Location

Anyone who has a vested interest in starting a brand-new dental franchise will need to find the perfect location to do so, whether they intend to provide pediatric dental care or orthodontics. Regardless of the area you intend to specialize in, finding the perfect location for a dental office is key to ensuring ongoing clients and patients for many years to come. Whether you’re interested in a location with a custom dental cabinet, updated interior, or even specialized exam rooms, you’ll want to work with a commercial real estate agent or take additional time to research locations that are right for you ahead of time.

Once you’ve finalized the decision to invest in a franchise of your own, you’ll want to compare commercial locations once you’ve conducted adequate market research. After you have confirmed there’s a demand for the type of dental work you intend to provide in your preferred region or location, you can then seek commercial spaces by requesting walkthroughs and tours in person and by comparing your options ahead of time, online. While driving around a town can help you gain better insight into the look and feel of the commercial buildings near you, it’s possible to save time during your search when you choose to do so online.

Browsing online for commercial properties that are optimal for opening a dentist franchise is a way for you to do so from just about anywhere, so long as you have a valid connection to the internet. When you’re browsing online for commercial properties, it’s possible to do so by setting a budget in place or by selecting particular features and needs that are most important to you, both inside and outside the commercial space you’re seeking. The more familiar you are with all the options you have in your city or region, the easier it’ll be for you to ensure the best outcome possible, regardless of the space you choose.

While you’re researching potential commercial locations for your franchise, it’s important to keep the intended layout you have in mind for the space at the forefront of your attention. Consider the type of dentistry services you’ll be promoting, the specialized equipment you will need, and the various room types that will be necessary for your patients. The more actively involved you are with the process of comparing local commercial buildings, the less likely you are to find yourself dissatisfied with the decision you make once it’s time for you to move into the space and get started on running your dentist’s office.

Regulatory Requirements and Licensing

When you’re committed to launching a dental franchise of your own, you’ll need to consider the type of regulatory requirements and licensing that may be required for you to do so based on your current location. Similarly, when you’re searching for local HVAC services, you’ll need to understand regulatory requirements and necessary licenses before you can build any successful business of your own, including a franchise.

Just as when you’re hiring any local roofing companies, you will also want to ensure any contractors or additional companies you choose to hire are also qualified to work on commercial properties near you. To do so, you can inquire about valid licensing, certification, permits, and insurance before you choose to hire an independent contractor or a local company to conduct any work in or around your franchise property. Taking the time to verify the legitimacy of any contractor or crew you’re thinking of hiring to help build your franchise is a way for you to also protect your peace of mind throughout the process.

Business Model and Strategy

Anyone who is dedicated to opening and running a successful dental franchise will need to conduct their due diligence when it comes to developing a winning business model and strategy. Learning about the demands for the types of dental services you intend to provide in specific regions can also help formulate a strategy that will result in success. Studying and comparing the business models and strategies of local competitors and the most successful dental franchises can help significantly when it’s time to brainstorm a vision for your own venture.

Effective Marketing Strategies for Dental Franchises

Building a successful dental franchise requires more than the ability to offer high-quality dental services with educated, licensed, and insured dentists available 24/7. When you want to grow and build a dental franchise investment from the ground up, you’ll need to take your marketing strategy seriously, regardless of where you intend to operate. The marketing strategy you choose to promote any dental franchise you’re in charge of will determine the ability to achieve optimal success in your industry.

Renovate the Interior of Your Dental Practice

Before you open any dental practice or franchise, it’s recommended to take a bit of time to renovate the interior of your building. From investing in hurricane impact windows and doors (based on where you’re located) to finding local flooring companies to replace outdated floors, there are many different ways to consider renovating the interior of a dental office or practice. When you want to make a positive first impression on those who stop in to learn more about your franchise, you’ll want to take the interior of your practice itself seriously from start to finish.

If you’re new to owning and operating a dental business or franchise, spend a bit of time comparing the interior design of your best-performing competitors. Seek inspiration for interior design online and with the use of relevant magazines. Join DIY groups, communities, and forums to find inspiration as you invest in furniture, equipment, and even decor to bring your franchise to life.

Update Your Office’s Parking Lot

If you’re investing in commercial property for your dental business or practice, you’ll need to spend time assessing your parking lot’s potential needs. The maintenance of a commercial building’s parking lot should never be underestimated, especially if you live in a more rural area or in a location where driving is commonplace. If your outside parking lot is littered with potholes or falling apart, it’s likely time to look into professional commercial parking lot paving services near you.

Working with a professional paving company or contractor is a way for you to determine if it’s time to replace your location’s entire parking lot or if you can get away with a few standard or minor repairs. Finding the right paving contractor or company is easiest to do when you know other business owners in the same vicinity as you who also have experience with parking lot paving and repair. You can also learn more about paving specialists and companies ahead of time online, where you can compare reviews, verified testimonials, and fleshed-out portfolios in real time before you need to settle on a decision that works for you.

Protect Your Building’s Exterior

Even after you’ve discovered the perfect location to open a dentist’s office, you’ll want to protect and preserve your commercial building’s exterior. To do so, you’ll need to seek out local stucco services or a contractor who specializes in the type of exterior siding you currently have installed and in place. Protecting your building’s exterior with routine inspections and maintenance can significantly reduce the costs of overhauls and replacements while also preventing your commercial location from becoming unattractive.

Similarly to updating your outdoor parking lot, paying attention to your building’s exterior is a must for a business owner or investor. Making a positive first impression can mean the difference between attracting loyal customers and turning away potential revenue. The more seriously you take the exterior aesthetic and appearance of your dental business or franchise, the easier you’ll find it to attract the clients you’re attempting to reach.

Maintain Your Landscaping

If you’re the owner or investor of a dental franchise, you’ll need to tend to the exterior of your building just as much as you tend to the interior of the office you’re running. From investing in local sun shade solutions to maintaining the landscaping surrounding your dentist’s office, routine outdoor maintenance is a must. Working with a commercial landscaper or a local sun shade company is not only a way for you to save time, but it’s also a way for you to add significant curb appeal and value to any space you’ve invested in operating your dental franchise out of professionally.

If you’re determined to maintain the exterior of your franchise building, but you don’t have the time to do so on your own, hiring both independent landscapers and entire landscaping crews can help. Professional landscapers who provide commercial clients with routine maintenance, preventative care, and even brand-new trees, plants, shrubs, and flowers, can help pinpoint specific areas outside your commercial space that require the most attention. They can also walk you through the process of selecting a winning layout anytime you’re interested in adding flowers or a well-maintained garden to the exterior of any commercial business or franchise you own.

Once you’ve decided to maintain the exterior of your dental office, you’ll want to take some time to compare the portfolios of local commercial landscapers near you. Comparing portfolios of commercial landscapers is possible with the use of official websites and by meeting with landscaping experts and professionals in person. The more familiar you are with a landscaper’s style and preferences when working, the easier it will be for you to make a decision based on the vision you have for the exterior of your own building or property.

Routinely Inspect Your Commercial Building’s Roof

Once you’re settled in the location you’ve chosen for your dental franchise, you’ll still need to tend to various aspects of the building itself, including the roof. Routine inspection of your commercial roof is imperative anytime you own or operate a business. A neglected roof may not only lead to leaks and a shorter lifespan for your roof itself, but it can also lead to serious internal damage that is permanent to the structure of your dental office.

Anytime you’re thinking of routinely inspecting a commercial roof, you’ll want to hire the right local roofing contractors is a must. Working with qualified roofing contractors is a way for you to protect your investment while ensuring you’re making the smartest decision once it’s time to repair or replace the roof itself. If you’re interested in working with a local roofer, you’ll want to verify their qualifications and experience ahead of time.

To do so, inquire about portfolios, licensing, insurance, and certification when interviewing a potential roofing contractor or an entire roofing company, depending on your needs at the time. You can also ask about experience when it comes to working with other commercial clients, including dentists and franchise owners in your area. The more well-versed your preferred roofer or roofing company provider is, the easier it’ll be for you to rest assured knowing that your building’s roof is in the hands of a true professional.

When you’re thinking of starting your own dental franchise, you can do so once you’re familiar with navigating the industry, and you’re prepared to do so based on your location and the state you’re in at the time. The more familiar you become with the laws, regulations, and requirements of owning and operating your own dental franchise, the easier it will be for you to guarantee a successful outcome, regardless of where you intend to operate and the type of services you plan to offer. When you know what to expect while entering the franchise industry for dental professionals, you can ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible from start to finish.

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