How to Get New Dental Patients With Facility Upgrades


If you’re a dentist, you’re involved in a field that people need services from. Whether you practice general dentistry, orthodontics, or specialized care like endodontics, somebody will need your services. As long as you advertise your services well, you’re likely to get clients. Having an enhanced facility is also likely to drive more customers your way. If you want to know how to get new dental patients with the right upgrades, read on to find out more.

Invest in Your Landscaping

Did you know beautiful landscaping is how to get new dental patients? While landscaping may not have a direct effect on one’s teeth or oral health, it can attract people to your business compared to another dentist who hasn’t made such an effort. Your landscaping shows you care about your business from the front to the back. Just like a home for sale, you’re trying to sell your services and you have to do so in many ways. By presenting a beautiful business from your exterior, you’re automatically setting a good impression. Therefore, you’ll increase the likelihood that new patients may want to come in for a consultation and give you a shot. They may be less likely to do so if your dental office looks unkempt from the outside and the waiting room. That type of impression may make people think you’re equally unsanitary when it comes to your dental practices. Dirt, trash, and an overall unkempt exterior are not how to get new dental patients.

Therefore it’s a good idea to invest in a local landscaper who can update your front landscape with fertilizer, mulching, and new trees. The right fertilizer can ensure your grass is always green and beautiful throughout the year. They can cut the grass and keep it at a steady length. If you don’t have trees, planting a tree or two can provide shade and add to the fresh air in front of your business. Kick things up a notch by adding beautiful flower beds. Flowers always make people feel good as flowers are colorful and often come with beautiful scents. Remember people are often nervous when they go to the dentist office. Anything that can calm them down, such as beautiful flowers or fruit trees is a way to be effective at putting them at ease.

What if you buy a dental office space in an area that has been unkempt for a while? It may be more work for the landscapers to do, but they can handle it. If there are overgrown weeds or brown grass, they know how to work the area to bring it back to life. They can handle brush removal to clear the area and lay down new sod to make grass grow.

The landscaper’s work doesn’t stop at planting things. They can also install an irrigation system so the lawn stays watered at all times. Even if you decide to take a week off, the sprinkler system can come on automatically. If you have existing sprinklers that aren’t working they can usually handle sprinkler repair for you. They may also be able to make them automatic if they aren’t already modernized

Upgrade Your Bathrooms

Having beautiful bathrooms is how to get new dental patients who feel comfortable using your facilities. If patients step into a dirty bathroom, it may be a sign you have a dirty business. Other things may be dirty such as your dental tools. As mentioned, many patients have dental anxiety and you want to present a comfortable environment in every way possible. They may need to go into the bathroom to collect themselves before seeing you during an appointment. It would be hard to collect themselves if the bathroom is dirty, smelling, and unwelcoming. Upgrading your bathrooms is how to get new dental patients willing to go forward throughout the process they may be trepidations about. Don’t forget, when people leave reviews about your business, they note things about the facilities. You don’t want your dental practice being showcased with photos of a dirty bathroom with overflowing toilets and no hand soap on Yelp or Google reviews.

Call your local plumbing and septic tank company to ensure all your plumbing is in compliance and free of leaks. Leaks can be just as devastating to a commercial dental business as to a residential home. Those leaks waste lots of water that can eat into your business overhead. It would cost you money because you’re paying more for the water bills. Plus you may end up having to pay for repairs from the water damage. Your local plumber can quickly repair any leaks and recommend any other updates such as new fixtures. More businesses and homes are installing dual-flush toilets that are economically friendly. According to the CDC, these updated toilets only waste one gallon of water per flush compared to five gallons on regular toilets.

A local plumbing contractor is someone you should keep on speed dial. Try to find one who has all the services you need and can provide emergency hours or short notice. After all, if you have overflowing toilets during your regular office hours, it could be an interruption to your appointments. Plus, your dental office needs a reliable water source when doing various dental procedures and to keep your hands sanitized. You may want to focus on a plumber who handles commercial properties as they may understand the demands businesses have. Begin looking for these contractors on Google search or see if you can get a referral from other dental practices. If your dental office is in a building with other businesses, they may also give you a referral for a local plumber. Connecting with other businesses in the area is another way how to get new dental patients. After all, people at these other businesses likely need to have their teeth worked on as well. So, if you’re asking them a question, that’s a good time to also promote your business to them.

Give Your Waiting Room a Makeover

Before a patient sits in your chair, they’ll sit in your waiting room. Your waiting room space should be a comfortable spot for everyone. The first thing to focus on are comfortable chairs and couches. You don’t want people sitting in a hard chair that may hurt their back. You may also want to give them light refreshments with water as the basics. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to also have a coffee or teapot. Give them entertainment with a variety of magazines and newspapers. Most dental offices usually have a TV for patients to watch as well. Don’t forget about the power of plants. Adding that touch of nature can bring life to an otherwise cold dental office. It can make people automatically feel at ease in the way nature has the power to. According to Healthline, people automatically feel a sense of wellness and happiness when being around nature. So load up the office with beautiful winding plants and if you flower vases to make people feel at ease. Plus, the scent that comes with flowers can play to the senses and provide a healthy dose of aromatherapy. So don’t be afraid to get some lavender potpourri as well.

The way you further decorate your office can depend on your dental specialty. For example, orthodontists offices may have photos of people with braces. There may also be posters explaining the uses of other orthodontic devices such as mouthguards. You may want to play videos that demonstrate the uses of some of these devices. If you’re a family dentist, you’re dealing with patients of all ages, particularly the little ones. Therefore, your office may have cartoon characters and more light-hearted kid-friendly decorations. You may have children’s books and coloring tools for kids to use while they’re waiting.

Install a Beautiful New Roof

Contact a local roofer for a beautiful new roof to protect your property and provide curb appeal. Your dental space needs protection from leaks and weathering. The type of roof you install can affect how much you’ll pay and also how long it’ll last. According to Bob Vila, asphalt shingles last about 20 to 25 years compared to metal and slate which lasts from 40 to 70 years. Depending on the style of your dental building, you may be interested in ceramic tiles. You see this roofing in the Mediterranean and places like Miami, Florida. Ceramic tiles are great in arid climates as they can contract and expand under intense heat. This roofing also lasts a long time, as long as 100 years to be exact. The point is, that your dental business doesn’t have to have a plain ugly roof. Taking time to update your building from inside to front is essential to creating a good image. If you do a good enough job of making the right upgrade, such as beautiful local roof installations, it may inspire people to come inside to see what your business is about. Making people come inside from off the street is how to get new dental patients.

The type of roofing you finally decide on should be able to withstand your local climate. It should fit the overall theme or aesthetic you have for your exterior space. If you’re in an area prone to hurricanes and other harsh storms, a metal roofing can come in handy because it can withstand winds up to 140 mph. Slate roofing is just as protective and has a class A fire rating like metal.

Once you install your new roof, make sure you keep up with regular inspections. According to Bob Vila, you should have an annual roof inspection. If your business is in an area that has a lot of storms, you may need more frequent visits from your local roof inspector. Ideally, you should have them expect your business roof shortly after such a storm. Even if your beautiful new metal, slate, or ceramic tile roof looks good from the outside, there may be damage that only a professional roofer would notice. When that damage creates leaks, the water can get into your business and affect your expensive dental appointment.

Clean Your Exterior

As mentioned earlier, your exterior is the first impression people have of your business. Investing in professional cleaning services can keep that space up. Regardless of how beautiful your landscaping is, it can also become so loaded with a buildup of dirt, trash, grime, and mold. You could prevent this from happening by hiring a local soft washing company. Soft washing can quickly clean your exterior walls, windows, roofing, terrace, etc. Your business exterior will look sparkling clean and professional at all times.

In addition to power washing, you need to have a place to go trash. Otherwise, you may see a buildup of litter in your otherwise beautiful space. That’s where a dumpster rental comes in handy. You can have a dumpster rental out front or in the back where you can put your business trash. Having a reliable dumpster can ensure that your business is always in compliance with local guidelines. You can also have one that handles recycling for you so you will always be eco-friendly.

Don’t forget to have cleaning services inside as well. After all, your dental practice is a health-related field. You’ll be busy with patients and probably don’t want to scrub the floors. Find a local office cleaning service that can keep your business looking spotless all day. You can ask cleaners to come once or twice a day or as much as you like for your cleanliness level.

Now you understand how to get new dental patients for your business. After all, regardless of what type of dental specialty you have, you need to ensure your patients can find you. If you’re already an established dentist, your patients may follow you to your new location. However, if you’re in a completely new city, you may have to re-establish a reputation again. Following the steps is a good way to ensure your practice can continue to thrive for years to come.



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