How to Prepare for Wisdom Teeth Removal


Many people need to have some or all of their wisdom teeth removed at some point in life. While this procedure is extremely important for your oral health and comfort, it can be a bit scary if you don’t know what to expect. Here are some steps you can take to prepare for wisdom teeth removal.

First, it’s even more important than usual that you practice good dental hygiene. Brushing and flossing regularly prevents the buildup of bacteria in your mouth, making you less likely to suffer from an infection while you recover from surgery.

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Speaking of recovery, it’s also important to be aware that you can’t eat the way you normally do for the first several days after getting your wisdom teeth out. Be sure to stock up on soft, easily swallowable foods that you won’t need to chew to eat.

It’s also helpful to plan out your post-surgery schedule ahead of time. In addition to choosing a person to drive you to and from your appointment, consider setting up a comfortable area in your home where you can keep your head elevated and relax as your mouth heals.

As a final bit of advice, ask your dentist if there are any additional steps you should take to prepare. Some doctors may recommend that patients take antibiotics before their surgery. Always trust your dentist’s judgment on what is best for your oral health.


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