Your Child’s First Dental Visit What to Expect


When should your child have their first dental visit? Although you can take your child when they are younger, specialists advise doing so between six months after the eruption of their first tooth, or at the latest, within a year.

If at all feasible, arrange appointments in the morning when small children are alert and rested. Give a preschooler or older child a rough concept of what to anticipate in order to get them ready for the visit. Describe the significance of visiting the dentist. Increase interest and comprehension.

Dental care for kids is very important and they need to know about this at a young age. Family dentists or finding a dentist for kids can help and you need to know some more information on the first day of your child’s visit.

Describe to the pediatric dentists your worries and queries. Keep in mind that your attitude regarding getting your teeth cleaned may differ greatly from that of your youngster. Be sincere in how you feel about the dentist for kids. Be careful not to transfer your dental phobias or dislikes to your child if you have them. In the dentist’s exam room, parents need to provide moral support by maintaining their composure. Children can pick up on their parent’s anxiety and develop their own.

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