Basic Dentistry and Cosmetic Dental Work


Most Americans care a great deal about the health of their teeth, since a full mouth of healthy teeth make for an attractive smile. Healthy teeth usually just need routine cleaning, and they will rarely develop painful or expensive dental problems. In fact, dentistry ranks in the top 10 most trusted and ethical professions in the United States, and many millions of Americans have a regular dentist’s office they visit for themselves, or a pediatric dentist for their under-18 kids. A good dental office can be found with an online search or a referral, and someone who just moved to a new area may need to conduct a search for dental services in the area right away. Finding a good pediatric or cosmetic dentist is a fairly simple process, and a person may also find a mobile dental van if they can’t easily visit a dentist’s office on their own.

Find a Dentist

When someone moves to a new city or county, or if their child becomes old enough to need a pediatric dentist, a person can look online to find a good dentist’s office with the right keywords. They can enter something to the effect of “best dentists near me” or “top-rated pediatric dentists nearby” and refine that search with their ZIP code or city/town name. Doing this shows a whole list of results, and the client can double check which of those dental offices accept their health insurance, and visit them in person to evaluate them. There, the client can consult the staff about their credentials and work history, and for a family dentist or pediatric dentist, the client may bring their child along. A child will get his/her own impression of the office, and if that child feels comfortable there and gets along with the staff, that office may be an ideal candidate. A few different offices, or many, can be visited like this until the client finds an office that suits their needs.

A Mobile Dental Van

Typically, Americans will transport themselves to a dentist’s office for a checkup or the like, but some patients may have trouble with that. Some Americans don’t have their own car, or they don’t have access to nearby bus routes. In other cases, the patient is a very busy work professional or college student who might not have the time to visit a dental office and come back. But these people don’t want to simply miss out on the dentist, so instead, they look for mobile dental vans. A mobile dental van will be a dentist’s office on wheels, and the larger ones may in fact be a repurposed small RV. These offices only offer basic dental care due to their limited size, but for some patients, that is all they need, anyway.

A client can look up local mobile dental vans in their area and arrange a visit, and that mobile dental van will drive up to the client’s residence, college campus, work site, or anywhere else that the client can easily reach. In this way, someone on a tight schedule or someone with limited transportation can get basic dental work done such as checkups or cleaning.

Cosmetic Dentistry

What is cosmetic dentistry? This describes dental work intended to improve the function and appearance of the patient’s teeth. Tooth whitening is a fair example of this, and most beauty standards (in both men and women) call for dazzling white teeth. Teeth may become discolored due to plaque buildup or from tobacco use, often considered ugly. Fortunately, tooth whitening at the dentist’s office or the use of specialized dental gels can help reverse this.

Cosmetic dentistry also deal with the physical. Crowns are a common form of dental implants that Americans get, where a realistic replica of a tooth crown is fitted onto a real tooth that is either cracked or very worn down. This can restore the tooth’s full shape and function, and prevent further damage to the real tooth underneath. In fact, a missing tooth can be entirely replaced with a dental bridge, a replica that fits into the tooth cap and secured in place with covers that slip over the real teeth flanking the gap. This restores a full smile and makes eating and speech easier.

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