A Walkthrough of Root Canal Treatment


If you are experiencing tooth pain, you may need to get a root canal treatment. In this treatment, the dentist will be able to remove any issue that is occurring in your teeth. Let’s look a little deeper at what happens during a root canal treatment.

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Tooth pain may be caused by an infection in the pulp of your teeth. The pulp is found under the top layer of enamel. If there is an infection the dentist may need to remove the pulp.

During a root canal treatment the dentist will drill a small hole on the top of your tooth. Through this hole, the dentist can remove the infected pulp, while at the same time cleaning the area around it.

Once the pulp is removed from the tooth the dentist must then make sure that the canal where the pulp would normally be, is closed. Once the canal is closed up the dentist will cover your tooth and the procedure is complete.

Overall, root canal treatment may be necessary depending on the severity of your tooth problem. If you think you may need to receive this treatment, contact your dentist to find out more information and to be checked on.


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