5 Common Dental Emergencies


Dental emergencies are always more often than you realize, and they can happen at unexpected times and locations. From tough sports to hard sweets, we all need to visit the emergency dentist occasionally.


Some toothaches can be caused by transient gum inflammation.

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On the other hand, severe toothaches necessitate a dental specialist’s care to alleviate the pain and address the underlying issue.

Fractured tooth?

When a crack occurs in your tooth, you have a fractured tooth, also known as a cracked tooth or cracked tooth syndrome (CTS). Sometimes the crack is minor and harmless. It might also cause your teeth to chip or split.

Displaced or luxated teeth

When trauma, such as a fall, affects the tissues, ligaments, and bone that support a tooth, tooth luxation develops. Tooth luxation can potentially impact the nerves and blood supply of the tooth. A luxated tooth has become loose, slanted, or moved out of its socket.

Lost or avulsed tooth

A lost tooth is a common trauma that necessitates immediate action to maximize the possibility of restoration. Avulsion of a permanent tooth is a widespread dental emergency that necessitates immediate consultation with a dentist.

Infected Tooth

Even a tooth infection might cause a dental emergency. A tooth infection can lead to a tooth abscess, a pus-filled pocket associated with a bacterial infection. If left unchecked, your infection may progress to more significant health issues, infiltrating your gums and potentially destroying nerve connections in your jaw.

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