Your Options for Replacing a Tooth


Missing teeth is nature’s cruel way of reminding you that even chompers have an expiration date. This YouTube video provides a roadmap to getting your pearly whites back in tip-top shape. There are several options available to you. Single-tooth partial dentures are like tiny false teeth hanging out by themselves. They come attached to a plastic gum-colored clip.

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That’s this option.

A resin-bonded bridge involves your dentist sculpting a fake tooth. The dentist glues it to the backs of your neighboring teeth. But here’s the catch: over time, the bone under the fake tooth shrinks, making the whole thing loosen up like a worn-out shoelace. Plus, the pressure on your remaining teeth can lead to them getting cavities.

Fixed bridge forms a permanent bridge between your teeth for fake teeth. To build this bridge, your dentist shaves down your healthy neighbors, weakening them. They also make them more prone to cavities and root canals. It’s like sacrificing two pawns to save the queen, but sometimes, the queen ends up needing rescuing.

A dental implant is the real MVP when replacing a tooth. A tiny titanium screw acts as a new tooth root, mimicking the function and appearance of your natural chomper. There’s no more wobbly teeth or sacrificing healthier teeth. This process of replacing a tooth gets you a strong, stable foundation that can handle even the toughest steak. Plus, it lasts longer than all the other options, making it the ultimate investment in your pearly white future.

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