Why You Might Need Orthodontic Services


Going to the dentist can be daunting and an orthodontist is no different. Though scary, they can provide amazing services that will change your life well into the future. 25% of the 4 million United States residents who wear braces are adults. It is time to start looking into why you might need orthodontic services.

You may need braces if you suffer from an overbite, crossbite, or underbite.

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These are all phrases that mean your teeth have shifted into a position that hinders a good bite. These can create jaw pain and gum disease later in life if not cared for. You may also have teeth crowding, which is when there is not enough room in your mouth for all your teeth. Orthodontists and dentists will identify these issues during check-ups.

Services to correct these issues include braces and, in severe cases, jaw surgery. Going to see an orthodontist for these issues will help you have a confident and healthy smile for the rest of your life. The best orthodontist will talk with you about your options to see what is best for your life.

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