What to Expect at a Dental Cleaning Service


Aside from the daily brushing and flossing to maintain oral hygiene, you should book an appointment for a dental cleaning service every six months. Getting your teeth professionally cleaned is essential to remove built-up plaque and prevent gum disease. The video shows how guided biofilm therapy is used to clean teeth.

Biofilm is an invisible layer of bacteria that covers your teeth and causes foul breath, bleeding gums, and other dental issues. During dental cleaning, a biofilm discloser is applied to the teeth.

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It’s an organic dye that changes the color of the biofilm. Biofilm less than three days turns pink, and biofilm more than three days old changes to blue.

An Airflow Max, a warm jetwash containing warm water and antimicrobial powder, is used to clean the teeth. This removes all the biofilm from the teeth and underneath the gums. It also removes stains.

This innovative way is gentle and there is no damage to the tooth’s surface. Any calculus present is removed using a different tool.

It’s crucial to keep your teeth clean and gums in good health to prevent cavities and excess build-up of plaque which leads to gum disease. Book an appointment for a dental cleaning service to keep those pearly whites in great condition.


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