Ways to Maximize a Dental Practice Appraisal before a Sale


When looking for a dental appraisal, you should focus on things that are likely to grow your practice. There has never been a better time to start or sell a dental business. If you look at recent statistics, you will notice that there is a shortage of dentists in America and observers say that the supply of these professionals from abroad is likely to grow up to 2033.

These new entrants will be seeking to make a mark in the industry. As a professional who has been practicing for long, this is the time to put up one of your firms for sale. However, that should not happen before an appraisal.

More people seeking dental services

More than 127 million American adults sought the services of dentists in 2017. Considering that this figure is growing every year, you have to position yourself as the best option in the industry for a dental practice transition. There is no doubt that there are many other practicing dentists, but you can better their record. When it comes to dentistry, you have to know the value of your practice. To make things simple, check out the following tips to maximize your dental practice as you prepare to finance a sale.

• Be active in your practice

Anyone seeking to buy a dental practice will be looking at the number of patients that you attend to every week. They will also be looking at your consistency. Therefore, if they notice gaps in your practice, they will start questioning your reputation. On the other hand, if you maintain an active practice throughout the year, they will get the impression that you are a dependable professional. That is how you get a dental appraisal. Looking at the available dental practices, one can see that they are all trying to get clients regularly.

• Understanding the factors that build value

If you talk to dental transition consultants, they will tell you that the value of your business depends on several key things. To start with, a potential buyer will be looking at your equipment. Any professional dentist will want to have the best tools and equipment because they know that they affect the value of services offered by the practice. Therefore, before you think of putting it up for sale, upgrade the equipment that has been in use for long. You may also want to improve your facilities through renovations. The same thing should apply to all business assets.

• Come up with a transition plan

When you are satisfied with the dental appraisal process, you should engage the buyer in the transition plan. It is not right to focus on creating value for yourself. Instead of that, you should seek to know what the buyer expects. Think about what will happen when you finally hand over the business. To add to that, you should talk to the buyer so that they understand why you came up with the asking price. When you do these things, you will notice that selling a dental practice becomes a smooth process.

• Consult the specialists

It takes many years to grow a dental practice, and therefore, you should get the best market value. Since you are more of a dental expert than an accountant, you may not have the skills to achieve that value. It is because of this reality that you should work with a specialist. Let someone prepare your accounting reports and analyze bids for you. Let them confirm the real value that you will get after the dental appraisal. When you work with dental practice transition consultants, you will not be shortchanged.

In conclusion, it is good to know that dental appraisal is a process that takes time and requires the right professionals. You should not wake up one day and decide to sell your practice and expect to get the best value. However, when you take the time to build an excellent reputation for the business and prepare all accounting records, you’ll be a happy seller. Finding someone to buy a dental practice should not be a difficult task, especially with more dentists joining the industry. When you get several offers, the experts will help you to make the right choice.

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