How the Dentist Whitens Your Teeth


It is quite common for people to avoid going to the dentist. They don’t like getting poked and prodded in the mouth. However, it is crucial for your health. One procedure that many people don’t take advantage of is dental whitening.

Video Source

This is very different than your annual check-up. Check out this video to see what dental whitening entails.

Before scheduling your dental whitening, you may have to organize a consultation with your dentist. They will discuss what they will do in preparation for whitening your teeth. This includes putting adequate swabs and other protective measures in place. They will also discuss how many shades “whiter” you want your teeth to be. You are in full control of deciding the end results of the procedure. It is common for the dentist to apply a couple of rounds of whitening solution. This is done usually with an hour or so. Continue watching the video to see what the end results will look like!.

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