How ADA Practice Transitions Work


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Whether you are a newly certified dentist or an experienced dentist looking to hand off your practice, ADA Practice Transitions is here to help. ADA Practice Transitions works to find compatible pairings and make dental practice transitions go smoothly. This video explains the story of two individuals who uses ADA Practice Transitions to find the perfect opportunity.

Dr. Gagnon is an experienced dentist who took over her father’s practice, but was overwhelmed with the workload. She needed help fast, but didn’t want to simply hire the first dentist who came through the door. She needed someone who matched with her practice’s philosophy.

Dr. Sikora was a recently graduated dentist looking to make her mark and start practicing her craft. Instead of pursuing a residency, Dr. Sikora decided to get right into her career. However, she knew she needed a good mentor who cared about her development. She did not want to join a group practice.

Luckily, the ADA paired Dr. Gagnon and Dr. Sikora together. Dr. Gagnon’s smaller practice was just what Dr. Sikora was looking for, and Dr. Sikora fit Dr. Gagnon’s philosophy to a tee. The two were matched through ADA Practice Transitions and they are happy for the assistance. They got what they needed and are able to provide excellent care to their patients.

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