Are You Suffering from Bone Loss Due to Missing Teeth?

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    Although there have been many improvements when it comes to dental care, millions of Americans still suffer from tooth loss. This is specifically due to decay, injury or periodontal disease. Bone loss for the jaw is a quite serious complication due to missing teeth. As soon as a tooth is lost the chances can be dramatic including the width of the jaw bone being reduced by 25% within the first year of tooth loss. Treatment options have changed and with it many advantages are available specifically dental implant advantages.

    What Exactly Are Dental Implants?

    A dental implant is meant to replace tooth roots, not just the tooth. They provide quite a strong foundation for removable or permanent replacement teeth that are created to specifically match natural teeth. In order to keep your oral health in great condition it is important to speak to an experienced or

    Dental Implants Keep Your Mouth Functioning Normally

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    Dental implants are the perfect solution when it comes to simulating the function, feel and look of natural teeth. Already, nearly 3 million people have implants and that number continues to grow by 500,000 annually. A dental implant is a type of dental care that is about more than just looking great, although they help restore smiles every day.

    Implants also strengthens bone structure that has been compromised by missing teeth. Not having proper bone structure can actually cause many other types of dental problems in the future that have a negative effect on both your appearance and health. While tooth roots naturally hold teeth in place, they also help maintain health in regards to the surrounding gums too.

    Bone Loss Can Be a Significant Problem

    The loss of bone can actually be a significant problem when you lose teeth. It causes bone loss in your jawbone. This compromises the integrity of too

    The Value of Tooth Extraction and Other Dental Procedures Over Cost

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    When facing those trips to the dentist you may face a fear, i is easy to believe you are paying for pain and a treatment that is not worth its actual value. The smile valuable for human expression and emotion, it is important to keep a healthy smile. Therefore, regular dental visits and quality dental treatments are important to everyone.

    Different Dental Procedures

    So many different dental procedures and treatments exist, that there is often a need to research the cost of each one individually. Interestingly enough, dental insurance often only covers the regular cleanings, and when additional treatment is needed there is a great deal of caution needed in planning for the expense. Some of these dental procedures include:
    • Dentures
    • Dental implants
    • Root canals
    • Dental bridges and crowns
    • Tooth extraction
    • Tooth fillings

    The cost of any one of these procedures may vary from one location to the next, or even bas