Dental Implants Keep Your Mouth Functioning Normally


Dental implants are the perfect solution when it comes to simulating the function, feel and look of natural teeth. Already, nearly 3 million people have implants and that number continues to grow by 500,000 annually. A dental implant is a type of dental care that is about more than just looking great, although they help restore smiles every day.

Implants also strengthens bone structure that has been compromised by missing teeth. Not having proper bone structure can actually cause many other types of dental problems in the future that have a negative effect on both your appearance and health. While tooth roots naturally hold teeth in place, they also help maintain health in regards to the surrounding gums too.

Bone Loss Can Be a Significant Problem

The loss of bone can actually be a significant problem when you lose teeth. It causes bone loss in your jawbone. This compromises the integrity of tooth stability and tooth roots on either side where a tooth is missing and is what can cause a ‘sunken’ in look. It is very noticeable when people have lost several teeth or all of them. People that wear dentures find over time that the fit of their dentures changes and they do not fit well. Bone loss is the culprit for this problem.

Dental Implants Are Dental Care That Help with Bone Growth

When dental implants are placed by an oral surgeon, they can alleviate an unattractive sunken in look. The process is called osseointegration and has significant dental care benefits when it comes to implant placement. Your oral surgeon may recommend dental implants since they can help to prevent any future bone loss.

Dental implants are a type of tooth replacement give patients more confidence to smile. Other benefits include maintaining better dental health. This type of dental care is an extremely important solution when it comes to restoring your smile.

Dental Implants – Dental Care That Improves Self-Confidence

Today more Americans are choosing to have dental implants put in. That’s 3 million more people smiling brighter, improving their oral health and boosting their self-confidence. Implants are a top option because they can be designed to easily match your existing teeth. They are a sturdy base for permanent, fixed teeth or removable replacement teeth. But what are they made of?

The Components of Dental Implants

There are actually three components of a dental implant. They resemble cylinders or screws that have been constructed using medical grade titanium. As mentioned before they are used to replace missing teeth, specifically the roots.

There are three parts to a dental implant including the fixture, abutment and finally the dental prosthesis. The fixture is fused and embedded into the jawbone and is considered to be the artificial root. The abutment is the part of an implant that lies above the gum line, supporting and securing a denture, crown, bridge or other types of dental work. The dental prosthesis is on top of an abutment and acts a natural tooth. It can be clipped or snapped in place for dentures or cemented or screwed in place for crowns or bridgework.

Implants actually improve self-confidence by improving your appearance and speech. Missing teeth can be embarrassing and make you feel awful and sound different. Dental implants help you stop slurring words and mumbling by giving you a full mouth of teeth that are securely in place. Consider asking about same day dental implants so you can start feeling better about your appearance, sooner rather than later.

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