The Value of Tooth Extraction and Other Dental Procedures Over Cost


When facing those trips to the dentist you may face a fear, i is easy to believe you are paying for pain and a treatment that is not worth its actual value. The smile valuable for human expression and emotion, it is important to keep a healthy smile. Therefore, regular dental visits and quality dental treatments are important to everyone.

Different Dental Procedures

So many different dental procedures and treatments exist, that there is often a need to research the cost of each one individually. Interestingly enough, dental insurance often only covers the regular cleanings, and when additional treatment is needed there is a great deal of caution needed in planning for the expense. Some of these dental procedures include:

  • Dentures
  • Dental implants
  • Root canals
  • Dental bridges and crowns
  • Tooth extraction
  • Tooth fillings

The cost of any one of these procedures may vary from one location to the next, or even based upon the percentage that your insurance plan may cover. Even worse, without insurance, these can cost hundreds or even thousands out of pocket in order to help maintain good oral health.

What Does Tooth Extraction Cost?

While it has been estimated that over two-thirds of Americans between the ages of 35 and 44 have one missing tooth, it is not always the result of a tooth extraction procedure. It is also known that the average wait time for a following dental appointment is three years, leading to likely tooth loss to reduced oral health.

Sometimes, the need for other treatments includes the research for something like a root canal cost or tooth filling cost which may be too much. Therefore, the tooth extraction cost can be one that is more budget-friendly while eliminating the unhealthy tooth or discomfort from your mouth.

It is hard to say what standard tooth extraction cost may be, but it is often considered to be a much easier solution to a dental issue that requires immediate treatment. It could be more expensive if it has to be done in an emergency situation or at a walk-in location. For this reason, it may be less expensive overall if you make sure to maintain regular visits to the dentist for cleanings.

Tooth Extraction and Other Procedures

While various dental procedures may be of extreme cost, there is a great deal of importance in making sure they are handled in time to maintain oral health. On top of the concern for cost, there is a need to worry about the appearance of your teeth and mouth as causing a problem for self-confidence and presentation to others publicly. Even more than extraction, there is the value of the dental implant and the number of dental implants that exist today at being about a half million per year.

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