Why Back to School Dental Appointments are Important


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Back to school season is a time of preparation and getting back into the swing of the busy school year. Your families back to school preparations should also include a routine dental checkup. Regular dental cleanings are important to good dental health. The fall is the perfect time to schedule your family?s dental appointments for the following reasons.

Back to school confidence
You and your children will see an increase in back to school events and parties. Your children will also take new school year photos. Most families prepare for back to school season with a school shopping trip. Parents and children shop together for new school clothes and school supplies. Why not finish off the look of confidence with a new and healthy smile? Dental cleanings can whiten the teeth and prepare them for upcoming events and photos.

This is also a great time to enhance the look of your own teeth. You will be in many of the photographs for the back to school season. You will also have to meet with new teachers and new parents. This is the perfect time to schedule your back to school tooth whitening service. Many foods and drinks, especially coffee can dull and stain the teeth. It is likely that you are increasing your coffee intake as you get back into the routine of early school mornings. Fortunately, tooth whitening services are pain free dentistry and can be completed within minutes.

Easy to remember scheduling
Dental cleanings should occur at least, two times per year. Yet, many people, including children do not even get dental cleanings once per year. In fact, many children have never even been to the local dentist. One out of every four kids has never been to the dentist before they set foot in a kindergarten classroom. More than a third of U.S. schools find it necessary to refer kids for treatment for dental problems. Dental problems and a lack of dental cleanings can cause pain, which can affect the child from learning in the academic setting. Remembering to schedule your children?s dental appointments around back to school season can help you remember.

Preparation for upcoming holidays
Fall is the beginning of the winter season. Soon, we will be met with Thanksgiving and then Christmas. These holidays encourage families to get together and share large meals. Many of these meals consist of high sugar content desserts. Children may even engage in increased candy intakes. High levels of sugar in the diet can affect the health of the teeth. Bringing your children in for a dental checkup and dental cleaning during the fall months prepares them for these upcoming holidays. Another appointment should be scheduled six months later to schedule a pediatric dentistry cleaning from all of the increased sugar consumption.

Preparation for school sports
Children are also at an increased risk of dental damage. They are involved in school activities and sports and can suffer damage. Helmets and mouth guards are two forms of protection. Once an accident has happened, the most important thing to do is get to a dentist as fast as possible. You cannot always prevent dental accidents, but you can prepare for them. Life would seem awfully dull in many communities without the presence of children?s team sports. Yet, as many as 39% of dental injuries occur while kids are playing sports, according to Colgate. Tooth implants are usually the solution, but it is best to visit the dentist immediately after the injury.

Routine dental checkups and cleanings are important for a growing child. With the busyness of back to school season, it might be easy to forget to schedule that appointment. However, you will find that this is the best time to make dental cleaning appointments. You can increase the confidence of your children, prepare them for back to school photographs, learn important sporting protection tips, and prepare them for the high sugar contents of upcoming holidays. Don?t forget to also make your own dental checkup and cleaning appointment.

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