The Best Dental Care For You


Most Americans care a great deal about the health of their teeth, since a mouth of healthy teeth means a great smile and a relative lack of serious dental health problems. To this end, millions of Americans visit their dentists every single year, and if a person does not yet have a dentist (such as if they just moved), they can find local dentists online. A dentist can do a lot for a patient, and there is more to a local dentist’s office than pulling out bad teeth. Often, artificial crowns can be fitted in, and some crowns are held in place with screws while others are dental bridges. A patient may also have cosmetic dentistry done for the color of their teeth. So, what is there to know about modern dental implants to maintain a mouth of attractive teeth?

Dental Implants Done Right

Both the color and shape of teeth can be altered with the help of cosmetic dentists, and it is fairly routine for Americans to get dental implants fitted in, such as crowns or bridges or even dentures. The numbers say that three million Americans already have dental implants, and every year, around 500,000 Americans get their first-ever dental implants. Virtually all surveyed Americans say that a healthy and attractive smile is important for social interactions of all kinds, and around half of all Americans say they don’t like the current appearance of their teeth. One solution is to get new crowns and other implants fitted in.

Why might a patient need crowns put in? Sometimes, artificial enamel can be implanted onto a tooth that is cracked or worn down, and doing this can restore the tooth’s shape and make eating and speech easier. Or, if a tooth is missing entirely for whatever reason, an artificial one will be put in. Adult teeth don’t grow back, but crowns look quite realistic in the mouth, and a dental patient can have a mold made for them based on their current, real teeth. A temporary model can be fitted into the mouth while the crown is being made elsewhere, and once it’s available, the dentist can fit it in. Many crowns are inserted when a screw is drilled into the patient’s jaw, which helps keep the jaw in good shape and provides a platform for the crown. Then the crown is installed, and the patient’s full mouth of teeth is restored. This also makes eating and speech easier. Or, a dental bridge can be installed; that is, a false tooth that is held in place with covers that fit over the real teeth flanking the gap.

Elderly patients often get dentures, which are artificial rows of teeth that are held together with fake gums. Many senior citizens have lost many of their real teeth, so they can have dentures made for them to restore a full mouth of teeth. And unlike implanted crowns or bridges, dentures can be taken out of the mouth and put back in at will. Often, dentures are taken out for sleep.

Tooth Whitening and Cosmetic Dentistry

Major implants can be used to replace missing teeth or even the entire mouth’s worth of teeth, but cosmetic dentistry also extends to the color of the teeth. Most beauty standards for men and women alike call for white teeth, or “pearly whites,” it is no coincidence that many major celebrities and actors have straight, white teeth. Many Americans are upset about the discoloration of their teeth, often a result of tobacco use or too much plaque and tartar buildup. A dentist can help with this.

In some cases, a dentist will provide the patient with porcelain veneers, or hard coats that are fitted onto the teeth to restore their color. This may be a fine option if, for example, the real tooth proves too difficult to whiten. But in other cases, a dentist can use tooth whitening gels for the patient’s teeth, and many Americans can buy tooth whitening gels and tooth pastes commercially to use for themselves. Ultimately, the best way to keep the teeth white is to avoid tobacco use and brush teeth diligently, as tooth brushing can remove plaque and prevent tartar buildup in the first place. Many adult Americans neglect to brush their teeth often, or simply forget.

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