Scared of the Dentist? Here Are Some Reasons to Try Sedation Dentistry


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It is no secret that many people around the world are terrified of going to the dentist. This is why so few people go every six months as is recommended by their local dentist. In fact, most people wait three years between dental appointments. This is despite the fact that most Americans care about the way their teeth look. At least 96% of Americans say they believe it is important to have a healthy and good looking smile to have a successful romantic life. For their social lives almost all Americans or 99.7% think having a good-looking smile is important to their social life, according to the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. If you are one of the people who is afraid of visits with your local dentist, you might want to consider sedation dentistry.

  1. You will not be scared if you are sedated. It is impossible to be anxious or scared when you are sedated. Many people admit that the fear they experience before they go to the local dentist is often a lot worse than the actual experience when they get to the dental office. Some people will tell you that they experience this fear and anxiety weeks or even months before they go in for their dental appointment. When you know all of that will vanish once you are there, it may alleviate some of the fear before you get to your appointment.
  2. You will get the work done faster. When you have to be awake for a dental procedure, there is a very good chance that you can only handle so much of it at a time. That means that what might be able to be done in one visit may take longer. Most people want to get out of the chair as soon as they can. It will also make the visits shorter. When your local dentist is working and you are not sedated, it is only natural that you move around more than if you are sedated. This makes the process take longer. No one is comfortable having their mouth open for hours. It is easier for the dentist to get the work done when you are sedated.
  3. They do not call it “pain free dentistry” for nothing. For many people, the reason they’re afraid of going to dentist is there afraid is going to hurt.That is completely understandable. Few people enjoy pain of any kind. The problem with the local dentist it is not just the pain but the sounds and the vibration frighten a lot of people. The good news is that with sedation dentistry, there is no pain. Many people are also afraid of the needle they use to give to local and aesthetic Novocaine. It is a scary needle. That can also be avoided with the sedation dentistry.
  4. Sedation dentistry is not general anesthesia. You are not totally asleep when you have been sedated. This is good because your local dentist may have things they need to ask you or for you to do. You are still responsive when you are under the sedation. The idea of sedation dentistry is not to make you totally unconscious but to make you more comfortable. This will make the recovery time afterwards much easier than a general anesthesia to recover.
  5. It will not create new scary memories. Most people have a dental phobia for a reason. We are not born afraid of the dental office. These almost always come from our own bad experiences, though it is possible to be afraid because you mother or father or someone was but generally, it from bad experience you had. No bad memories are created with sedation dentistry. In fact you may find that you are making new ones that are pleasant. It might help reduce your fear. That might also mean, you will start to go to the dentist more, as is recommended.

Just as people around the world know they are scared of the dentist, the local dental office staff knows that, too. They will not be offended if you tell them you are scared. Go in and talk to them and they might help relieve some of your fears.



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