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Cosmetic treatments involve more than just brushing teeth and filling cavities. The health of a person’s teeth is important just as a person’s physical health. People asked have said they believe that the way their smile looks to other people makes a difference in the way others see them. They feel that their smile could be either a help or a hindrance to them at work and also in making a good impression when meeting new people.

In the U.S. 20% of adults have untreated cavities. Many people who cannot afford dental insurance are included in that 20%. As a result, those who cannot or do not have dental work done feel self-conscious about their teeth and will often cover their mouth to hide their teeth when pictures are taken.

Comprehensive dental exams are an important part of dental health. The rule of thumb is visit the dentist every six months to determine whether or not there are any cavities that need to be filled or any other dental work that may need to be done. A good dental cleaning should be done twice a year, as well. However, too many people will actually see a dentist no more than once in three years. That span of time, in many cases, allows disease to spread throughout the teeth and gums which will make it necessary for the person to need more complex dental work to be done when they visit the dentist again. As people get older, they become more susceptible to infection and periodontal disease. Of people over 65 years of age, 70% have some form of periodontal disease. The number of people in America who are missing all or most of their teeth on one side of their mouth or the other exceeds 30 million.

Unfortunately, as mentioned earlier, many people are without dental health insurance and cannot afford to have the work done on their teeth that they need. However, cosmetic treatments are available for those with some form of dental insurance, and there are programs open to others who are in need of dental work but haven’t got the means to have it done.

Sports games are the culprit of many types of injury to the mouth and teeth. During sports games is when 39% of injuries to teeth occur. In addition, children’s front teeth are the recipients of 80% of dental injuries. By seeing a dentist as quickly as possible when these injuries occur, the injured tooth or teeth can be repaired or replaced easily.

Cosmetic treatments are available for all kinds of injuries and disease. Oral surgery and root canal therapy are easily and painlessly done. Tooth whitening service is available for patients whose teeth have been stained by such things as coffee and cigarettes over the years. Porcelain veneers can be bonded onto damaged teeth so that the teeth look new. Tooth restoration that may not have been possible in older times is done every day now. There are many dental services available these days that are designed to give patients a new, healthy smile.

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