Protecting Your Child’s Smile


The number-one role of a parent is to guarantee that their child is safe, protected, and well-set for the future. One of the most important things a parent wants to keep an eye on for their child is their health.

Since your child is still growing into adolescence and adulthood, guaranteeing a clean bill of health is important. One of the primary means of health that should be focused on is that of dental health. To protect your child’s teeth it is best that you arrange an appointment for them with kids dentists.

Kids dentists, sometimes called childrens dentists or pediatric dentists, are dentists that specialize in the dental care of those that still have their baby teeth, or those whose teeth are shifting as their musculoskeletal system is still in its stage of growth. While dental care might be scary for your child, just as it can be for adults, it should be said that kids dentists are well-trained to take care of childrens dental needs. In particular, for cases as cavity treatment or tooth removal, these pediatric dentist professionals receive advanced training to properly employ and monitor dental sedation.

The care that kids dentists provide is spectacular, as they can monitor your child’s smile as they grow into adulthood, ensuring that their teeth are healthy and free of decay or damage. In particular, they will offer basic means through which you can protect your child’s smile, even while at home. Here is what you should expect to hear, and what you should practice at home:

Tips for Improving Your Kid’s Dental Health

  • Brush twice daily with both a soft-bristled tooth brush and a fluoride toothpaste: Soft-bristled tooth brushes are better for your gums, as harder bristles can cause unnecessary abrasions on the lining of yoru gums; fluoride toothpaste is important because fluoride helps to strengthen your tooth enamel and helps prevent tooth decay.
  • Floss at least once a day, preferably after a meal: Leftover food caught in-between the teeth can lead to bacteria which can cause cavities. Cleaning those gaps by flossing can help protect against long-term decay.
  • Limit the amount of sugary drinks and food that is consumed: Sugary drinks like energy drinks double the amount of enamel loss when compared to sugary sports drinks. Neither are beneficial for your child’s oral health, so consider limiting any consumption of these.
  • Visit kids dentists at least twice a year for routine check-ups and cleanings: While you might think your child’s teeth are healthy, their dentist will know for sure, taking a good look and cleaning them of any plaque.
  • Eat a healthy diet, one that is rich with nutrients and calcium: Vitamins like calcium can help to strengthen the enamel of your teeth, so a healthy diet is important not only for overall health, but dental health, too.
  • If playing contact sports, wear a mouthguard to protect your teeth: While helmets can protect the face, a mouthguard will help to protect your child’s smile even further from any contact.
  • Drink tap water over bottled water, as it has fluoride: 65% of parents have been reported as not knowing the fluoride levels in bottled water. Again, fluoride can help restructure the mineralization of teeth, so tap water is beneficial for your smile

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