Must You Ask “What is a Crown Tooth” Before Scheduling the Procedure?


Dental care is one of the most important healthcare needs for the entire family. Sometimes cosmetic dentistry or repairs are the most needed options. Especially with a chipped tooth that may expose a nerve or wear away too quickly. At that point, a crown tooth is a very important option. Though many people who have never needed this may ask, “What is a crown tooth?”

Start by Finding the Best Dentist

You may already have a great family dentist, making this step of the process basically null. During the search, whether you have a family or not, it is important to have a quality professional who is able to provide the best care as it is needed. Regular cleanings are important while there are many other parts of dental care that are important as well. If you have a dentist who you can trust with a drill and other tools then you will be much more comfortable in the chair.

What is a Crown Tooth?

Most often, when there is a chipped tooth or when the surface of the tooth has worn down, a crown tooth is able to repair the tooth back to a much safer state along with a better appearance. The actual crown is the area of the tooth that is covered by the enamel. So, if this area of the tooth is chipped or broken, the dentist is able to drill it down and apply the artificial crown for help eliminate the possibility for sensitivity or other issues.

Other Dental Options

Even more than the crown, there are many options. You may ask “what is a crown tooth” considering it as a common procedure, but there are many others that are needed quite often. Everyone may have different dental needs, along with the possibility of emergency dental care or even cosmetic dental care when different events happen. Access to an emergency dentist is important, whether it is your regular dentist or another facility. Whether there is the need to repair a chipped tooth, find the proper fix to a toothache, or even complete a procedure like a root canal, implant, bridge, or other, there is much to gain from having family dental care right around the corner.

Cosmetic Dental Options

Dentistry of the 21st century has changed greatly, and there is not much like it was in the past of being recommended to an orthodontist by your childhood family dentist in order to have metal braces attached to your teeth. There are so many additional dental options for the improvement of a smile. Some of these may simply be a cosmetic dentist who is able to offer veneers, implants, or provide Invisalign for straightening. Other times you may be able to simply visit the dental office for professional teeth whitening or at least a recommendation of the best toothpaste and whiteners to use at home.

Additionally, about a quarter of the nation avoids smiling because they are shy about their teeth. Whether it is color, shape, or overall mouth care, dental options are able to help repair these issues. Even 40% of children face cavities as early as kindergarten, making teeth a challenging issue early in life. Sometimes these children even miss school as a result of dental pain, they may even be three times as likely to miss school for this reason. For many of these reasons, it is important to help eliminate fear of the dentist in children while they are young, because as they trust the dentist then reparatory procedures will not be placed on hold, making the situation worse later.

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