Looking for a Good Dentist Near You


Every year, tens of millions of Americans visit the dentist’s office, and they expect routine care and cleaning at the hands of a professional. This is quite popular, and for obvious reasons. Most Americans care a great deal about the health and appearance of their teeth, since a mouth of healthy teeth means no pain or problems with speech or eating, and attractive teeth make for a great smile. Thus, dentistry (such a cosmetic dentists) ranks in the top 10 most trusted and ethical professions in the United States today. Most people have a regular dentist to visit for themselves and their children, and if the family moves to a new area, they can look up local dental practices online for reference. What should the family look for in a dental practice near them?

Finding Local Practices

It is standard procedure for a family to look up local healthcare providers when they move to a new city or county, ranging from urgent care centers to pediatric clinics to dental practices, among others. For dentists, the client may look up dental practices of the desired type, and also specify their city’s name or even their ZIP code to keep the results local. For example, a person can look up “top rated dental practice in Miami” or “best cosmetic dental practices in Boston” plus their ZIP code, and browse their options. A whole list of dental practices will appear, and some might be too far away or not accept their healthcare insurance. The client can strike them out, and visit the most promising ones in their area.

Now, the family can visit candidate dental practices in person, so that they can get a fair impression of what each practice is like. There, the adults can consult the dentists and dental assistants working there, and see their credentials such as their work history, educational background, and any awards or recognition they may have. For finding family practices or a pediatric dental office, the parents will bring along their child, and check if their child feels comfortable there and gets along with the staff. The family might tour any number of practices like this until they find one they like, and sign up as regular patients there.

What Pediatric and Cosmetic Dentists May Do

Starting at age two, a child is ready to visit the dentist, and their parents should take them regularly to a pediatric or family dental practice for routine checkups and exams. The young patient may also have braces fitted in or sealant put on their teeth, and that child may get free tooth brushes and sample toothpaste to use. The dentist will explain good dental care for the child to practice at home, such as brushing after every meal and avoiding chewing on hard items. If the child is supervised, they might even use floss or mouthwash. Children might also be advised to wear mouth guards when they play sports, to protect their teeth from blunt trauma.

Meanwhile, what is cosmetic dentistry? This field of dentistry concerns itself with the appearance of teeth, such as their shape and color. Dazzling white teeth are a part of most beauty standards, and a person may dislike their discolored teeth. Tartar buildup and heavy tobacco use can stain the teeth, so cosmetic dentists may offer tooth whitening gels and pastes to restore their color. Porcelain veneers can also be fitted onto the teeth to restore their color.

Dental implants are a common route for replacing missing tooth matter. Adult teeth can’t grow back or restore missing enamel, so artificial crowns may be fitted onto a worn down or cracked tooth to restore its shape and protect it from further damage. These crowns can also make eating and speech safer and easier. Meanwhile, if an entire tooth is missing, the patient may have a replica created from a mold based on their existing teeth. This is a dental bridge, and once it’s fitted into the tooth gap, covers will slip onto the real teeth flanking the gap and secure the bridge in place. Finally, elderly dental patients may get dentures, which are rows of artificial teeth and gums that can be placed into the mouth and harmlessly taken back out at will.

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