I Don’t Like My Smile Can Cosmetic Dentistry Really Make My Teeth Look Better?


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What’s in a smile, anyway?

Ask three people and you’ll get five different answers. That’s because each and every smile holds a mountain of potential…as well as a metaphorical avalanche of problems. One person’s smile may make them glow all over, while another person may cover up their mouth in photos as not to show their crooked teeth. Today’s dentistry is more equipped than ever to help everyone achieve their dream of a smile they can be proud of, from a cosmetic dentist getting rid of unsightly brown spots to a family dental clinic offering dental implants to older patients.

Your smile today could look very different from your smile tomorrow. No matter your issue, dentists are more than equipped to take on the task.

The Appeal Of A Lovely Smile

A smile is a beautiful thing. Think back to when you met someone for the first time. What was the first thing you noticed about them? While a good hairdo or pretty outfit can certainly impact a first impression, a bright smile is frequently high on many people’s lists. An AACD survey found nearly all adults agreeing that a healthy, full smile is socially important. Another survey also saw the vast majority of respondents stating an attractive smile makes a person more appealing to a prospective partner. Whether you want to snag a hot date or get a pay raise, a good smile definitely doesn’t hurt!

How To Spot Gum Disease

What are issues that can keep a smile from reaching its fullest potential? Gum disease is certainly a frustrating one. Caused by a lack of regular flossing and poor brushing habits, periodontal disease is a prevalent issue that often gets worse with age. It’s estimated over 70% of adults over the age of 65 have some form of gum disease. Remember to floss at least once per day (though twice per day is becoming more frequently recommended) and to push the string in and out of each side of the gum. This way you get a cleaner, and ultimately happier, oral health experience!

What To Do With Missing Teeth

If you have a tooth missing, dental implants can meet you halfway and restore your smile to its previous splendor. Missing teeth can be caused by age, sports accidents or particularly bad oral health. Today one out of every five Americans has at least one untreated cavity, if not several. It’s also estimated over 15% of the edentulous population has dentures made for them year in and year out, with the number of partially edentulous patients continuing to increase significantly in the next 15 years. Not sure about a dental implant cost? Dental implants come in different forms and can make sure you’re compensated.

Cleaning Up A Spotty Grin

Perhaps you don’t have gum disease or missing teeth to worry about. Maybe the one thing standing between you and a beaming grin is yellowing, brown spots or fading veneers. Regular caffeine consumption, poor brushing habits and neglecting to visit the dentist can all contribute to a smile that’s not nearly as white as you’d like it to be. Cosmetic dentistry is designed to supersede even the best over-the-counter products and deliver results that truly last. While you may need more than one session to get to your ideal level of gleam, many patients already note a huge difference after their first treatment.

When To Contact A Dentist

Dental implants, cavity fillings…it all sounds like a lot to keep up with. A dentist can give you a basic teeth cleaning session and consultation for an affordable price, both to brush you up on your oral care and make sure you’re covered when it comes to any potentially unseen problems. Common signs you have cavities include throbbing pain and tooth sensitivity. Common signs you have gum disease include bleeding gums, sensitivity and swelling. Last, but not least, cosmetic dentistry can make sure you’re covered all across the board.

Sound like a match made in heaven? Call up a dentist and see just what your smile could become in 2018.

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