Great Oral Health Starts At Home Five Basics To Ensure You’re Enjoying A Healthy, Happy Smile


Healthy teeth should do more than just look good. You should feel good, too.

Good oral health is a steady stream of daily habits that add up to a beautiful, healthy smile. This includes not just brushing and flossing, but rinsing, monitoring your diet, and checking in with your dentist. Quite a few Americans today are baffled as to why their teeth are starting to yellow or why they keep getting cavities. If you’re one of them, there’s no need to worry. Your dentist Coral Gables FL location — as well as some smart daily habits — will do the work needed to keep you smiling bright year-round.

Before you sign up with the best dentist office, look below for the top five tips to make sure your oral health regimen is hitting all the right marks!

Brush Your Teeth Twice A Day For The Maximum Effect

We’re often told to brush our teeth, but why we should can be confusing. Are we trying to massage our gums or are we trying to make our teeth shiny? Turns out the answer is both and then some! Brushing is how you loosen up plaque on the surface of the teeth, simultaneously keeping the gums massaged and eliminating any spots. This can only be done with a sturdy brush, however, so swap toothbrushes every three months or so.

Floss Your Teeth Twice A Day To Stay Healthy

Alongside regular brushing you should be flossing twice a day. While that doesn’t sound fun, you’re doing the necessary work of removing stuck food and bacteria from between the gums. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t brush through the teeth…that still misses out on important areas! If your gums are sore when you do this, just give them time to adjust. When you’re still not getting white teeth, talk to a cosmetic dentist — over 85% of patients notice a difference after just one session!

Rinse Frequently For Fresh Breath And Happy Gums

How do you top off such a dedicated health regimen? Grab that Listerine and head in for a gargle and rinse session! While you do get a little fluoride in your water, sometimes this isn’t enough to give you the full effect. Rinsing every night before bed will give you that extra boost you need to enjoy fresh breath and happy, shiny teeth. According to a recent study on oral health it was found 75% of Americans have some form of periodontal disease today…most of which can be avoided with more dedicated brushing, flossing, and rinsing!

Turn Oral Health Into A Fun Exercise For Your Kids

It can be frustrating trying to get your kids to brush and floss regularly. Why not make a game out of it? This will do the dual work of adding fun to the oral health regimen while still giving them the care they need. Take turns seeing who can floss the fastest or have fun swishing around a fluoride rinse. A worldwide study revealed between 60% to 90% of school-age children (and nearly 100% of adults) have dental cavities, which can mean more visits to your dentist Coral Gables FL location.

Visit Your Dentist Regularly To Catch Small Problems Early

Even the best oral health regimen needs a little help. This is where your dentist Coral Gables FL location will come in. Able to spot small problems early and provide essential care, a healthy smile is easy to maintain with just a visit. According to a 2015 study conducted by the ADA, over 90% of Floridians agree that regular dental appointments do a lot to keep them healthy. You can ask about dental implants for missing teeth, talk about teeth whitening services, or request a childrens dentist.

You can feel good and look good with a helping hand. Reach out to your dentist Coral Gables FL location and ask for a check-up…you won’t regret it!

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