Great Oral Health Isn’t Just Brushing And Flossing Five Reasons To Swing By Your Local Family Dentistry


Good dental care isn’t just what you handle in the bathroom sink. It’s also which family dentistry practice you choose.

A dentist is a professional who can answer any and all questions you have about your oral health. They will provide you the very best in today’s healthcare to ensure you don’t have to worry about gingivitis, periodontal disease, or cavities. The pediatric dentist, in particular, is a perfect fit for children who aren’t yet used to the dentist’s chair. When you want to keep your family healthy year-round, a trip to the dental office is in order. You might even be more behind than you realize!

From preventing tooth loss to improving self-esteem, there are a million benefits to attending dental offices regularly. Below are just five to get you started.

Cavities Are Incredibly Common And Easy To Prevent

A very easy problem to prevent, despite how often it crops up, is the cavity. Recent studies have gathered 20% of American children between the ages of five and 19 have untreated cavities. Another 30% of adults between the ages of 20 and 44 have untreated cavities, some that have been lived with for a long time, to boot. Untreated cavities can risk burrowing through the tooth to impact the nerve. This is an extremely painful condition called a root canal.

Periodontal Disease Tends To Get Worse With Age

Not only can a family dentistry help your family avoid cavities, you can also check and see if periodontal disease is on its way. This is similar to gingivitis in that it causes sensitivity of the gums, swelling, bleeding, discomfort, and occasionally infection. A study surveying adults with poor oral health found nearly half over the age of 30 have signs of gum disease. Severe gum disease affects 10% of American adults. Less than 60% of people with periodontal disease even know they have it because of easily missed symptoms.

Oral Cancer Is A Serious Issue That Can Be Avoided

Another serious oral health issue that can be avoided with regular trips to the dentist is oral cancer. This is most common among older adults, particularly those that are 55 years or older. This risk will be further increased with regular smoking and heavy drinking. Chalk that up with one out of four adults having untreated tooth decay and there’s no reason not to swing by your local dental office. Dentists can spot small problems early and help keep you and your family smiling year-round.

Teeth Whitening Services Are Great For A Self-Esteem Boost

It’s not just extreme issues like oral cancer and tooth decay to worry about. You can even ask your family dentistry staff about their cosmetic dentistry services. These are designed to give your smile that extra polish so you can truly feel good about your appearance. This includes (but is not limited to) replacement teeth, veneers, teeth straightening, teeth whitening, and teeth cleaning. The latter is wonderful because it removes unsightly plaque and keeps your teeth healthy at the same time.

Dental Care Services Are All Available At A Family Dentistry

Now is always a great time to bump up your oral health game. Your local Queen Creek family dentistry has all the resources you need to get your teeth into tip-top shape. The AAPD released a recommendation that children and teenagers see a pediatric dentist every six months or so for regular check-ups. These should include a general exam, cleaning, fluoride treatment, occasional x-rays, and consultation. Adults should see the dentist at least once per year (and twice if your health has dipped).

Are you brushing and flossing? Step things up a notch with the best dental care in your area.

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