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Dental Implants Detailed in Video


If you’re missing teeth, your dentist might suggest you get a dental implant. They can tell you all about dental implants, as well as the advantages of implants if you choose to get them. An implant is a permanent fake tooth that is set into your gum, essentially replacing the lost tooth. You will be able to eat normally with the fake tooth. However, it is essential that you know both the advantages and disadvantages of dental implants before you decide to get one. Since implants are permanent, any issues will become a bigger process to handle than they would be with a removable fake tooth. Talk to dental implant dentists about the advantages of dental implants, as well as any potential risks you might need to deal with. The dentist can answer your questions thoroughly, giving you an honest picture of what you can expect from your implant. From there, you can take the information they give you and make your own choice. Dental implants are great for many people, so it is worth considering for yourself.

Thankfully, dental implant techniques have evolved quite a bit since those days. Most modern implants are root form endosseous dental implants, called root form because they are designed to have a root similar to a natural tooth. A patient faced with the prospect of oral surgery might benefit from watching a dental implant video. Dental implant videos, and dental videos in general, detail with real footage or photography of the oral surgery process. Viewing a dental implant video might put the prospective patient at ease, but dental implants videos can be a bit of a double edged sword. If the person in need of an implant is nervous or squeamish, it may be better to simply trust the oral surgeon or read a detailed description of the procedure. The ancient Mayans pioneered endosseous dental implants, meaning implants set into the bone. A portion of a human mandible was unearthed in 1931 that dated back to around 600 AD. Archaeologists discovered pieces of tooth shaped seashells set into the jaw. Initially believed to have been implanted after death, it was discovered in 1970 that the bone formation around the shells indicated that they had been implanted during life.

For the brave or the curious, however, several good dental implant videos exist on the web. Before any dental implant video is recorded, however, careful planning is required prior to the beginning of surgery. Various scans may be performed in order to identify nerves or sinuses that are best avoided during oral surgery. A stent may also be used, an acrylic covering fit over the teeth or the jaw. Holes are previously drilled in the acrylic stent to show the surgeon exactly where the implants are to be placed and at what angle.

Standard dental implant videos usually begin with this prep work done, however, and move straight to drilling. Precision drills are used for the procedure, tools designed with highly regulated speed to prevent undue damage to the bone. The amount of time for a dental implant to be installed, and by extension, the length of your average dental implant video varies greatly. It depends on the experience of the oral surgeon as well as the difficulty and specifics of the individual case.

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