Braces Forsus for Overbite


If you have been to the orthodontic clinic to fix overbite issues, and your orthodontic service provider talked to you have a forsus to fix your overbite, you may be confused. Orthodontic treatment for adults often will include a forsus appliance to fix overbite issues.

Most people think of braces as something a kid wears to correct placement of their teeth, however today, about one out of five orthodontic patients are adults. Orthodontic treatment to correct an overjet (commonly called an overibte) can include a combination of treatments to make the correction. A forsus appliance is one of those treatments.

A forsus is a loaded spring that is attached to your braces to help gently move your jaw into proper position. The spring is loaded which means it is tight and will pull your jaw back into position every time you close your mouth.

This device is only one of the options that your orthodontist recommends to move your jaw into the right position to fix overbite (overjet) problems. There are other methods that can also get great results. This video presents some of the options including how a forsus appliance works. Watch now to learn more about overbite correction.

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