A Look at Dark Gums Dentistry Procedures


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Are you self conscious about your dark gums and wish to explore the options offered by dark gums dentistry? Many people often wonder about the causes of dark gums. Dark gums are usually caused by an excess of melanin causing the gums to look black or brown rather than pink. Often this is a result of simple genetics. For instance, dark gums are most common in certain ethnic groups such as those with African or Middle Eastern ancestry. Alternatively, the MayoClinic.com identifies discoloration of the gums as a side effect of gingival cancer.
One solution offered by dark gums dentistry professions for dark or uneven gums is gum pigmentation treatment. This procedure involves the use of a laser to reduce the dark pigmentation of the gums. The dark gums dentistry procedures may also include gums bleaching and treating the roof of the mouth as well, to give the entire mouth a better appearance. It should be noted that this is not an effective treatment for those with infections or cancers.
This dark gums dentistry process usually only requires a topic anesthetic, so you will not feel drowsy or drugged after completion. Additionally, the healing process for dark gums dentistry procedures is very quick and virtually painless.
The best way to find a dark gums dentistry procedure that will work for you is to consult with a dental professional. This dentist will examine you to evaluate your mouth, as well as your overall health. He will then take to you about the available dark gums dentistry procedures, as well as the costs associated with dark gum treatments. You can also discuss the expected recovery time.
During this consultation, you may even want to discuss other cosmetic dental procedures that can work in conjunction with dark gums dentistry services. For instance, you may want teeth whitening services or even braces to correct your smile.
Consulting with a dark gums dentistry specialist can inform you of all the available options, the associated costs, and how the procedures work. By understanding all of your options, you will soon be on the path to a new, confident you, complete with a beautiful, healthy smile.
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