5 Easy Ways to Improve the Look of Your Smile


Artificial tooth roots

According to an AACD survey, virtually all adults (99.7%) surveyed believe a healthy smile is socially important. Studies do show that a poor smile can affect both social and career relationships. With advanced dentistry and numerous cosmetic treatments to choose from today, you no longer have to settle for a less than perfect smile. The follow cosmetic treatments can significantly increase the overall look of your smile.

Routine dental cleanings

Dental cleanings are more than a quick checkin with your dentist. Dental cleanings remove the plaque from your teeth. It can prevent bacteria and other harmful substances from damaging the teeth. It can also help with bad breath issues. Routine dental cleanings should always be the first step in your cosmetic improvement plan. Unhealthy teeth tend to look worse and skipping routine dental cleanings often leaves you with unhealthy teeth.

Quick braces

Sometimes a full period is not needed to experience the benefits of braces. There are shorter term braces, such as 6 month braces and yearlong braces. These shorter termed braces are ideal for those with minor gaps or overcrowding. Short term braces can also be useful for the adults that had braces as a child, but the teeth have begun to shift again. Braces are one of the most common types of cosmetic treatments when it comes to dental care. They have good results and have longer lasting success.

Dental replacements

Manu adults, understandably avoid braces. Braces are often thought of as something a teenager wears and can bring embarrassment to an adult in a professional or social setting. Fortunately, there are other types of cosmetic treatments available. Dental replacements are another option. A dental replacement uses a false tooth to repair or replace a damaged or missing one. A poor diet or lack of regular dental care can lead to broken or missing teeth. Dental replacements can fill them in, while still looking like a real tooth.

Functional bridges

A bridge is often used as a method repairing broken teeth. It is a good method for bridging two teeth over a large gap area. Bridges can be completed in one dental visit and are fairly common. They do not require lengthy checkups or brace like devices. They can, however, result in a more filled looking smile. When you remove the gaps, the smile improves.

Bonding and teeth whitening

One of the biggest complaints about teeth is discoloration. Everyday food and drink items, especially pop and coffee can stain the teeth. People with stained teeth may avoid smiling or communicate with others with their hand over their mouth. Bonding is the process of placing a substance over a cavity or gap in the teeth. The bonding color can be matched to the current teeth or can be whitened and then matched to provide the patient with a bright white smile. Bonding is popular because it is pain free dentistry and is also very affordable.

Teeth whitening is another option for those dissatisfied with the color of their teeth. While teeth whitening practices can be completed at home with store bough products, the best results usually come from the dentist office. The dentist has access to stronger and safer products that produce a longer lasting effect. Either way, you will find that updating your smile with bonding or teeth whitening can provide you with a smile you are proud of.

Nearly three quarters (74%) of adults feel an unattractive smile can hurt their career success. An even more surprising 96% of adults believe an attractive smile makes a person more appealing to members of the opposite sex. A large number of people are unhappy with their current smiles. You can improve the overall look of your smile with cosmetic treatments.

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