5 Benefits of Using a Dental Staffing Agency When Hiring


Do you have an established dental practice and need more help on staff? Is your dental practice too busy for you to get enough time to seek for proper candidates? Worry no more! A careers agency can help you in finding the new hires who will be a good fit for your practice.

This article presents insightful ideas on why you should use companies that seek out qualified candidates for your dental associate recruitment.

What Do Dental Hiring Agencies Do?

Each new dental associate is crucial to the success of any dental practice. When you hire an associate who isn’t a good fit, your clients are less likely to be satisfied with your services. As a result, your practice will suffer from a negative reputation. But there are thousands of qualified associates out there and sorting through them to get an ideal candidate is a daunting task.

It’s in such times that dental staffing agencies such as an agency come in to help you in getting the right associates. Read on to get a better idea of how dental hiring agencies can benefit your practice.

1. A Careers Agency Can Help You Drop Unqualified Prospects

When presented with dentist job openings, the agency does dentist job listings on its popular online and traditional advertising platforms. The candidates that respond get a thorough screening, and their applications get checked, and interviews are conducted to determine whether they’re qualified for the jobs listed.

By the time the agency is done evaluating the prospective associates, you’ll be sure that their qualifications get verified. They will also have undergone a complete background check.

2. Transition Your Temporary Workers to Permanent Working Positions with Ease

Staffing agencies control much of the associate’s employment issues. Such associates often work on a temporary basis in your practice. But if the work of a specific associate is pleasing to the clientele, you may choose to keep the associate as a permanent employee. Hiring agencies ease this process at a fee, and the transition is often smooth. Such changes ensure that your work remains consistent.

3. Your Practice Can’t be Held Liable for Employees from the Staffing Agency

If you use a career agency to find dental associates that will work on a temporary basis, you’ll never be held liable for such staff members even when working under your practice. If such associates were to encounter something unexpected or if they were to get hurt, then you’d not be held liable. Instead, the agency will own the liability, and you’ll get the peace of mind you need.

4. Temporary Workers Will Improve Productivity

Delegating administrative duties to dentists who should be seeing and treating patients can hamper the flow of work in your practice. Such activities can slow down labor, hinder patient care, and diminish the morale of employees. But by using staffing agencies, you’ll get the right number of dentists who can serve your patients well as well as the ideal number of support staff. This move will be vital because it will allow everyone to engage in their designated tasks.

5. It’s Easy to Scale up Your Staffing Needs for Busy Times

Sometimes your work becomes overwhelming because of the high influx of patients. During such times, you’ll also find that you have limited time to seek for dentists to supplement your workforce. The dental hiring agencies become most valuable during such times because they can help you get new temporary staff members within a short time. Later on, you can even absorb the temporary employees and make them permanent employees if your significant workload persists.

Are You Ready To Hire A New Associate?

Based on projections, the employment of dentists between 2016 and 2026 will increase by 19%. This employment rate is faster than the average employment rate found in many other occupations. Getting the right dentist amidst this employment frenzy will be challenging if you lack the time and resources to recruit as a practice.

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