Dentistry Then and Now Looking Into The Past and How the Practice Has Improved Over Time

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    Modern-day dentistry takes into account the proper and sanitary necessities needed to clean your teeth and ensure a flawless smile.

    It’s also safe to say dentistry is a respected and well thought out practice.

    However, things weren’t always so regulated. Teeth cleaning wasn’t a familiar concept in the world of dentistry in the 1800s. So in order to see just how far science has come, here is an overview and comparison of the practice—from its early days to now.

    So if you’ve ever been curious just how far dentistry has come, continue reading.

    What dentistry was like over one hundred years ago

    We sure didn’t have all the incredible and intricate tools we have now. Dentistry was less developed, and definitely more of a pain in the 1800s. Barbers would double up as back-alley dentists and would pull teeth using pliers and no anesthetic