Dental Implants Keep Your Mouth Functioning Normally

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    Dental implants are the perfect solution when it comes to simulating the function, feel and look of natural teeth. Already, nearly 3 million people have implants and that number continues to grow by 500,000 annually. A dental implant is a type of dental care that is about more than just looking great, although they help restore smiles every day.

    Implants also strengthens bone structure that has been compromised by missing teeth. Not having proper bone structure can actually cause many other types of dental problems in the future that have a negative effect on both your appearance and health. While tooth roots naturally hold teeth in place, they also help maintain health in regards to the surrounding gums too.

    Bone Loss Can Be a Significant Problem

    The loss of bone can actually be a significant problem when you lose teeth. It causes bone loss in your jawbone. This compromises the integrity of too