Using Dental Videos in Your Practice


Dental implant video

Dental implants videos are the perfect tool for both marketing and explaining the new options in dental care. In fact, using dental implant videos can supplement the selling and allow you to better answer questions and any fears that clients may have.

You can add dental videos to your practice immediately to support your consultations and client interactions. This should play a major role in your client conversions and even in some referral marketing. If you use the dental videos in a consistent manner, you can track their effectiveness as part of your client sales process.

First you will need to determine at what point the dental videos have the greatest impact. For some doctors, it makes sense to introduce the dental videos earlier in the process. This can do several things. It allows another authority source to provide the recommendations and initial suggestions to the client. Using dental videos may also address some of the initial objections to services. When the hard selling is coming from the dental videos, you are under less perceived pressure to get the client to a buying decision.

In addition to identifying the point of the sales process to use dental videos, you can use supplemental videos to help with client education. This inherently gives you some time to devote to other client care, without giving up any part of the education process. When you have a consistent process, you can more readily track the opportunities for improvement.

Finally, using the dental videos give the client one more amenity to use in potential referral discussions. Clients are a great source of more referrals and those that go away better educated can make better spokespersons for your practice as a result. However you decide to use your dental videos, make sure you are tracking to consistent points in your process and reconciling that information with your practice sales.

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