Are You Suffering from Bone Loss Due to Missing Teeth?

    Written by Dental Video. Posted in Same day dental implants, Tooth extraction, Underbite correction

    Although there have been many improvements when it comes to dental care, millions of Americans still suffer from tooth loss. This is specifically due to decay, injury or periodontal disease. Bone loss for the jaw is a quite serious complication due to missing teeth. As soon as a tooth is lost the chances can be dramatic including the width of the jaw bone being reduced by 25% within the first year of tooth loss. Treatment options have changed and with it many advantages are available specifically dental implant advantages.

    What Exactly Are Dental Implants?

    A dental implant is meant to replace tooth roots, not just the tooth. They provide quite a strong foundation for removable or permanent replacement teeth that are created to specifically match natural teeth. In order to keep your oral health in great condition it is important to speak to an experienced or