The Dangers of Plaque Buildup

    Written by Dental Video. Posted in Dental gel, Fluoride free toothpaste, Tartar removing toothpaste

    Taking care of your teeth is actually a very important part of maintaining your overall health. According to the American Dental Association, you should be brushing your teeth at least twice a day, and that doesn’t include flossing, using mouthwash or plaque removal dental gel to help keep your teeth healthy. If teeth aren’t properly cleaned on a daily basis, they can come under attack from plaque buildup. This can be removed with the help of fluoride free toothpaste or tartar removing dental gel, but if the problem is left for too long it can lead to serious consequences. Here are some of the health risks associated with plaque buildup in your mouth.

    • Plaque Can Lead to Gum Disease: Plaque is actually a substance that builds up on the teeth every time we eat or drink. It’s a sticky substance that forms on the teeth and builds up over time if plaque removing toothpaste isn’t used to break it away. If plaque is allowed to build up too much, it can damage the gums surroundin