Good Oral Health Starts Early Five Pragmatic Tips To Instill Proper Brushing Habits In Your Child

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    Teaching your child how to take good care of their teeth can be an…uphill battle.

    The most important foundation you can establish is one of discipline and consistency, two things that don’t come easily to the young mind. Then there’s reducing their sugar intake, which can feel like a punishment! Cracking down on good dental habits should be at the top of your to-do list this year, as today’s children are being faced with some of the highest rates of cavities and gingivitis ever seen. A childrens dentist can provide you with the means of not just providing check-ups, but making sure your oral health lessons are working. Still need some help?

    Below are five essentials any good oral health habit should have, from yearly check-ups to swapping out toothbrushes!

    Dental Visits Should Start Early For Maximum Effect

    Did you know children should be starting regular dental vi